The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Power and Control), located at Shahid Abbaspour Technical and Engineering Campus, was founded in 1970 based on strong cooperation with the electric power industry and is currently incorporating a wide range of undergraduate/postgraduate programs and technical training courses for the electric power industry. In this faculty, electrical engineering students study in the following fields: planning, operation and control of electric power systems, power stations, transmission networks, distribution networks, electric machines, power electronic and control systems.   
Currently, the faculty has 28 full-time academic staff, a total of 376 full time BSc students, 260 MSc students and 111 PhD candidates. Moreover, power engineering has been offered in MSc level through virtual education program since 2015. The 4-year undergraduate program provides a broad foundation in electrical engineering through combined classroom and laboratory work and prepares the students for their professional career, as well as for further study at the graduate level. This faculty has one full professor, 10 associate professors, 12 assistant professors and five lecturers. The faculty consists of two departments (Power, and Control) including 13 educational laboratories, 15 research laboratories and 9 industry-oriented workshops. 
Our graduate students become leaders in their profession by imparting fundamental principles, skills, and tools. Our world-class graduates are eagerly hunted for careers in industry, government, and universities. Planning, operation, maintaining and controlling the industrial process at factories and energy systems and distribution systems can also be added to the skills of our graduate students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The faculty focuses on large scale implementation of sustainable, reliable and economic energy systems. It also strives to devise a bold program of research and development in different areas of modern electrical energy systems. To this aim, what falls within the purview of the faculty’s research activities are as follows: micro grids, smart grids, application of intelligent techniques in control of power systems, electromagnetic transients in power systems, electric machines, electric drives, power electronics and electromagnetic compatibility.
The faculty has provided many services to various industries so far in the field of short-term technical training, engineering services, and engineering consulting. It has also carried out many national industrial projects through the efforts by the faculty members.   
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering has an ongoing scientific cooperation with MAPNA group on the development of energy storage technologies.

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